June club meeting

Hi all


Thanks to those that made it down to the June meeting and thanks again to DTC for hosting us. A great turn out yet again and some good and some interesting beers from the Iron Brewer competition.  Like I said I had very little success with this – my first beer was meant to be a berliner weisse and all was going well until the pH refused to drop.  This was partly due to the enormous mould raft floating on top of the wort. With that down the drain I used the remainder of the cube to invent a new recipe for nail polish remover.  It was not good. I was very pleased to see that no one managed to enter a beer as bad as either of these but I would be interested to hear of others problems with this comp.


Remarkable points from the meeting

  1. The club is holding a case swap on 12 August at Dave’s place in Byford. Sign up on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/WestCoastBrewers/posts/1477449595649481

  2. Oktoberfest is on again this year on a date to be determined in October. Gary has kindly volunteered to host. He’s got plenty of room and spare taps in the keg fridge so get brewing some German beers. More details to come

  3. Hilly bottled the barrel beer a few weeks ago and will be preparing some tasting notes at the BJCP judging this weekend. Each financial member will be entitled to three bottles. These will be available at one of the next few club meetings so make sure you get down and pick them up.

  4. WASABC is only 12 weeks or so away. Carlin and the team have been doing a fantastic job organising the event and now it’s time for people to pitch in to help out for the event. We need drivers, sorters, stewards and more for the first week in September. Details will be posted on the WASABC page shortly

  5. The Little Creature Pale Ale clone comp is to be held in August so get cracking (don’t do this one http://store.coopers.com.au/recipes/index/view/id/59/ Apart from anything else the hops are just plain wrong).

  6. There are still a few spots for the July BJCP exam. If you have signed up for the December exam you can sit this one and, if you need to, do the December exam as well at a reduced price. The scheduled tasting class this weekend is not on.

See you at the next meeting. Don't forget to say hi at the PRBS.

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