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Kegland affiliate link

The club has a 10% affiliate account with KegLand. By using the following link when you make an online purchase, the club receives a 10% credit, which will then be used for prizes. A link will be provided on the homepage Or you can buy here.

2019 Competitions

2019 Club Competition Schedule *WCB uses the 2015 BJCP style guidlines* Session and Saison – March Session = <4%ABV, any style that fits *except sours* but including experimental 34C. Saison 25B. Iron Brewer – June Mystery ingredient revealed March. Dark and strong – August >20SRM, OG1.060. 6C, 9A-C, 10C, 15C, 16s, 20s, 21B2/D, 23C, 26D, 34C. Meads,…

Freo BeerFest 2017

A note from our friend and sponsor… G’day Brewers, My name is Dan Turley, President of the W.A. Brewers Association (WABA). This year, together with BEST Events Co, we will be running Fremantle Beerfest again in 2017, and are hoping to again seek some support from within the West Coast Brewers. The W.A. Brewers Association…