About WCB

West Coast Brewers brings together a like-minded group of brewers on the quest for brewing better beer, mead and cider. Through education sessions, social events, competitions and monthly meetings we look to share knowledge and ideas with brewers of all levels – from beer, mead and cider enthusiasts to professional brewers, mead and cider makers.

If, like us, you want to know more about beer, cider and mead, brew it yourself, or want to know how to start brewing at home, then come along to one of our meetings and see what we can offer. We have Four competitions throughout the year all judged by BJCP qualified judges who will give you constructive feedback on your beer.  We also run the State's largest Home brew competition WASABC.

Club meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month from 7:30pm at The Dutch trading Company @ 243 Albany Highway, Victoria Park, Western Australia

Guests are most welcome, bring along a glass and a bottle of your finest brew!

If you require further information, please Contact Us and someone will reply to you as soon as possible.

Dutch Trading Co


Only $120 per year

What you get:

  • Two club events, Autumnfest and Oktoberfest.
  • Four competitions judged by BJCP certified judges giving you valuable feedback on your brewing and competing for the WCB Champion Brewer trophy.
  • An awesome Christmas party at one of Perth’s local craft beer pubs.
  • Brew days, including a collaborative barrel project.

+ Lots more!

Memberships run from January for 12 months. Existing members fees are due by 31st January each year

New members the first years fees depend on when you join

  • January - March $120
  • April - June $90
  • July - September $60
  • October - December $30

After the first year all fees are January for 12 months at $120

Existing members pay fees here via PayPal! or back by direct deposit (as we don't pay fees on the payments this way).

New members will need to contact the club to get payment details

Bank details for direct deposit

Electronic funds transfer Bank: Westpac
Acct name: West Coast Brewers Social Club
BSB: 036-074
Account No: 189605
Email Receipt to Treasurer@westcoastbrewers.com
You MUST put your name in the reference!

Our Committee

The committee positions are agreed at the club AGM typically held in November each year at the regular November club meeting.

The committee can be contacted via email at committee@westcoastbrewers.com

Committee positions and responsibilities

Committee nomination form

Current 2022 committee positions are held by

  • President - Bryson Derbyshire
  • Vice president- Neville Scott
  • Secretary - Justin Bell
  • Treasurer - Michael Doswell
  • Events Coordinator- Ed Wilcox
  • Web Admin- Garth Wilkosz
  • Competitions Director- Mick Considine
  • Education Officer - Allen Aitken
  • WASABC Coordinator - Neville Scott

Club competition rules

General competition rules/requests:

  1. Only financial members can enter club competitions;
  2. Two bottles are required for club BJCP competitions (minimum 330mL each). Just throw away the extra two labels that the comp site creates;
  3. If there is a People's Choice for a competition, submit a minimum of 1.5L so there is enough to go around (in addition to any BJCP bottles of course);
  4. Generally, you can decide to enter the BJCP or the People's Choice or both. If you enter both (as most people do), you'll need to submit sufficient total bottles/quantity for 1) AND 2) above;
  5. Up to two entries per brewer, per competition, but only one (the highest scoring) is eligible for certificates and prizes;
  6. Write your entry number (not the BJCP category) on the lid. Write directly on the cap or stick a "dot" on there to write on;
  7. If your number is 6, 9, 81 etc., then make it clear which one is yours with a line underneath the number;
  8. Affix the labels to the beers with an elastic band or two;
  9. Try not to print the label in microscopic size. We don't all have good eyes anymore;
  10. To be eligible for Club Champion Brewer you must enter a minimum of three club competitions per calendar year; and
  11. The Club Champion Brewer is based on the average of a brewer’s three highest scoring entries, in different competitions, per calendar year.

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