Committee Positions


The committee is responsible for managing the club in accordance with the the objects as stated in its rules. In undertaking this role, the committee must fulfill a number of legal responsibilities, including ensuring the association complies with:

  • its obligations under the Act
  • its rules and any funding agreements or other contracts
  • its legal responsibilities to members, volunteers and any clients or customers who may use the association’s services
  • an assessment has been made whether insurance cover is required and to what extent
  • any other relevant laws or regulations are complied with, and
  • specific financial responsibilities.

Our Objectives:

West Coast Brewers brings together a like-minded group of brewers on the quest for brewing better beer, mead and cider. Through education sessions, social events, competitions and monthly meetings we look to share knowledge and ideas with brewers of all levels – from beer, mead and cider enthusiasts to professional brewers, mead and cider makers.

 All roles: All committee members are expected to assist each other in management and operations of the club. This includes

  • attending committee meetings
  • attending club meetings
  • promoting the club
  • assisting with meetings, competitions and activities
  • helping out new members and increasing / maintaining membership
  • bringing matters to the attention of the wider committee where required
  • updating the club website and Facebook pages

Office Holders 

1. President: The President is the ‘formal’ voice of the club. The President will

  • conduct all monthly meetings
  • ensure the committee and club members have all relevant information
  • oversee events and projects
  • resolve disputes
  • represent the club at external meetings and events
  • and is generally looked to for all manners of questions….

2.Vice President: To assist the President, and run the club in the absence of the President. 

3.Secretary: The secretary is responsible for day to day administrative tasks including

  • arranging meetings
  • assisting the president in preparing meeting agenda
  • sending out notice for meetings
  • keeping minutes and records
  • managing club correspondence

4.Treasurer: The treasurer is responsible for managing the financials of the club. This involves

  • maintaining financial records
  • monitoring income and expenditure
  • providing financial updates to the committee
  • developing budgets
  • reimbursing expenses and funding activities
  • managing bank accounts and PayPal accounts
  • maintaining the membership list and collecting membership fees

Ordinary committee members

5.Events Coordinator: The events director arranges the club activities. This includes

  • the club funded events (currently Autumnfest, Oktoberfest and Christmas party)
  • organising field trips to breweries, maltsters or anything else interesting
  • keeping the club abreast of events in the local brewing world.

6.Competition Director:: The competition director is responsible for the running of internal competition in the club. This includes

  • proposing the nature of competitions for the committee to finalise
  • promoting competitions
  • updating competition software with specific competition details
  • collecting competition entries
  • running the people’s choice competition at the club meeting
  • organising judges and stewards for the BJCP competitions
  • providing feedback to competition entrants
  • organising prizes and sponsorship for competitions as required
  • work closely with the state competition director

7. Website Administrator: The website admin has responsibilities for the digital presence of the club. This includes

  • management and maintenance of the club website (
  • ensuring that committee members (and other authorised members) are able to update the website as required
  • maintaining and updating the club competitions website for internal competitions and the state competition
  • moderation of the club Facebook page and group

8. WASABC Director: Manages the WA State Amateur Brewing Competition. This may consist of more than one individual and may require a subcommittee to manage the event after entries have closed

9.Education Officer: Organise Training events and presentations

Complete the committee nomination form if you are interested