May Club Meeting


Thanks for coming down to DTC for the May Club meeting last night.

Things we talked about

  • Sean gave us an excellent run down on mead and making mead. The presentation is on FB or here

  • We received the results of the water analysis done by Hayden. Unfortunately Hayden couldn't be at the meetings so if you have any questions for him ping him on FB

  • The Feral brew day was held over the past weekend. It was a great day. The competition is to be held at the June meeting (13 June) with BJCP judging at Andrew's place on the weekend of 17/18 June. Please let Andrew know if you can judge or steward

  • We're looking to hold a case swap for our next club social event. This is planned to be mid-August some time. Pop down ideas for what we could brew on the FB page

  • Hilly was looking for vollies to help bottle the barrel beer but that's probably done by now. Thanks again for arranging all of this Hilly

  • Don't forget about a bunch of upcoming extra-club events such as Caboose, Backyard Brewing and Royal Show

Cheers and happy brewing (also mead and cider making)



1 thought on “May Club Meeting”

  1. Many thanks to Hayden for the water analyses.
    This is the start of a valuable data base the club needs to retain.
    One observation on the two cases where both unfiltered and filtered samples were tested is that the Chlorine levels barely change! I put in a 2-stage sediment and carbon filter with the main aim of reducing Chlorophenol flavours (I was using PotMet) – and on the understanding that carbon filtration takes out the offending Chlorine/Chloride ions – is this not the case, Hayden / anyone?
    Do I need to go to RO or bottled water to get away from these off-flavours?

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