July Club Meeting


Thanks to everyone for coming down to DTC on Tuesday night.

Things to note:

  1. Hilly has sent off the barrel beer labels for printing. He hopes to have them back in the next week or so and will be asking for volunteers to help label the bottles. Each financial club member will be entitled to three bottles each, and we are going to give  a bunch to supporters of the club. Look out for the Facebook post from Hilly

  2. WASABC is less than 50 days away. Carlin has asked for volunteers to help out for the event. He has posted details in Facebook so make sure you get on board and sign up. Many hands and all that...

  3. Oktoberfest party is coming up on a date still to be decided. This is a family friendly event held NOR. Gary has kindly volunteered to host. He’s got plenty of room and spare taps in the keg fridge. So bring along the tribe, a German beer or two and salad type things. The club will provide some traditional meats.

  4. The club case swap is down on numbers but we would still like to go ahead. This is planned for August 12 so come on down even if you don't have a beer to participate. Please use the sign in form to let us know how many are coming and if you are bringing beers. If you are having trouble in the website leave a note on Facebook here

  5. And we announced the winners from the IronBrewer competition. Great to see a few new names here taking out the places. Well done.  If you fancy sharing what you did to make your beers drop a post in the Facebook group

    • People's Choice: Simon King

      Simon's Chocolate Orange

      29B. Fruit and Spice Beer

    • BJCP Third Place

      Michael Keenan and Alastair Batstone

      Spock Bock

    • BJCP Second Place

      Mike Doswell

      Smoked Dunkels Bock

      32A. Classic Style Smoked Beer

    • Neville Scott
      IronBrew Poo
      19A. American Amber Ale

Cheers and see you all next month

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