November meeting, Club AGM and Mead Sour and Cider competition


Thanks for coming down to the November club meeting at DTC last night.  Some of the competition beers I had were fantastic. Very inventive things in the mixed ferment category. I'm looking forward to seeing who the winners will be. Thanks to everyone for the support you given me over the last few years in the pres role. It's been a lot of fun.

Some things coming up

  • BJCP judging for the Mead, Sour and Cider competition is on this Saturday at Micks place in Karrinyup. Mick still needs another 4-6 people to be able to hold the judging. Otherwise we'll have to cancel it and Mick will have a fridge full of some great beers.
  • The club Christmas function is planned for 1st December at DTC at 2pm. This is the one where we leave the kids at home and enjoy beers and food put on by the club. 
  • The December meeting will see crowning of the 2018 WCB Champion Brewer. It's a very close race this year with the results of the MCS comp most likely to determine the winner. 
  • Gary is running a BJCP exam on March 23 2019. This is the exam that is part of the accreditation to become a registered BJCP judge. Gary will hold training sessions starting in February. If you are keen to do the exam you need to pass he BJCP online test prior to the tasting training and pay fees of $140-. These fees will cover the cost of the exam and all training materials (including tasting beers, tainting kits and what not). There are only 12 places available and a few have already been taken. Contact the club if you are interested.

Club AGM 2018

A quorum of members and committee were in attendance at the meeting

Presidents address

2018 was a busy year for West Coast Brewers. Some of the more memorable happenings included

  • Seeing a great number of new faces and an increase to overall member numbers. Monthly attendance is also up from previous years
  • Finances more in order
  • New club website (thanks Jeremy)
  • A new order of work shirts (thanks Tim)
  • Autumnfest at Knobseys house
  • Gary putting on Oktoberfest
  • Mick for all the work on competitions
  • All the judges and stewards that have been helping with the comps
  • New prizes for our winning comp entries (thanks Allan)
  • More sensory stuff (thinks Mick again)

The club is in a pretty good financial position despite making a loss for the year (mainly due to liabilities from 2017). These funds will be invested back into the club in the form of the events we run and some better infrastructure to help manage the club.

A big thank you to the outgoing committee: Allan, Mick, Bryson, Jeremy, Tim and Jerome

Thanks to Carlin and Hilly for their work on WASABC

Nominations for committee positions

Nominations were received for committee positions. The successful brewers and your new committee are

President: Paul Hutton

Vice President: Allan Aitken

Secretary: Ed Wilcox

Treasurer: Bryson Derbyshire

Web administration: Jeremy Strong

Event coordinator: Michael Priest

Competition Director: Mick Considine



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