April Club Meeting


Thanks for coming down to DTC for the April Club meeting last night. It was one of the larger meetings we had for some time and it was great to see some new faces there.

Points of note

  • The committee endorsed the changes to the club rules at the committee meeting held on 4 April 2017. This was posted to members on 5 April to prepare for a vote to approve. The vote was overwhelmingly yes so the committee will proceed to register the new rules with the Department of Commerce

  • Hayden took home a large amount of water to test.  He is hoping to get this sorted in the next few weeks and we’ll publish results on line. If you have any concerns with your name and suburb being posted let me know.

  • Andrew gave us a run down on the Iron Brewers competition and the brew day at Feral in the valley on May 6. We got 46 brewers involved so this looks like it will be another big competition.  The brew day starts at 7am and is expected to wrap up by 1pm.  Last time we did this we started filling the cubes at about 11am so if you are not coming earlier make sure that you are around by then.  To enter the brewery you need closed in footwear.

  • Andrew is trying to organise arrangements for lunch. As you’d expect Feral are keen for us to do something easier for them rather than getting 35 orders for steak sandwiches all at the same time.  More to come on that.

  • We then had the results of the Belgian Beauties competition.  Congratulations to the winners and thanks to the judges and stewards for doing such a great job.

Peoples’ choice winner: Carlin Lubbers
BJCP Judging
First place: Michael Keenan
Second Place: Alistair Wilson
Third place: Michael Doswell
  • Hilly gave a quick ruin down on Autumnfest which was held a few weeks ago. The president of the WA BBQ club, David Ong, enjoyed himself so much he’s offered to BBQ for all our functions. I’m not sure if he said this after trying all the beers but we’ll certainly look into that as, by all accounts, the brisket was awesome.

  • Hilly is also looking to bottle the barrel beer shortly after Easter. At this stage he is targeting 22 April but will confirm closer to the date. If you are able to help out on bottling hit him up.  Remember all financial club members will be getting about 4 bottles depending on final volumes.

I’ll see some of you at the Feral brew day on 6 May and with luck the rest at the next meeting on 9 May.

Cheers and happy brewing (also mead and cider making)



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