February Club Meeting

Thanks to everyone for coming down to the Feb meeting.  Great to see a few new faces there and many others returning.  Here is a brief recap of what we went on about.

  • A reminder about the state comp to be held in September. Carlin posted a road to WASABC online recently so check that out and get started on the big beers now
  • Allan organised a car pool thingo. Get in touch with Allan if you need further info
  • Gary talked about the BJCP exam to be held in July. If you have put your name down please confirm. There will be some tasting lessons in the 6-8 weeks up to the exam. Further exam planned for December.
  • Andrew reminded us about the Belgian beauties comp to be judged in March. People choice tastingat our club meeting on March 14 and BJCP judging on March 19 at Andrews place in South Lakes. We will need judges and stewards for this so please put your hand up if you can help out on the day. It will also be good practice for the BJCP tasting exam.The online registration for the comp will be up soon so jump on and register.
  • Andrew has also organised an iron brewer to be held in conjunction with Feral for our June comp. Feral will brew up a base batch and then we do with it what we can. The base beer and rules are still to be determined so jump online and provide some input
  • Autumnfest. It’s that time again for our annual Autumnfest party, this never fails to deliver as one of the highlights of the year giving members the chance to catch up over what is always a great line up of beers. This year’s Autumnfest will be again held at Knobseys place in Hilbert, which is just off Tonkin Hwy or a 10 minute cab ride from Armadale train station (there is a taxi rank at Armadale station so Taxis are no problem). He has a large block with plenty of play area for kids and a pool however we will give Knobsey the day off lifeguard duty so you will need to make sure you keep an eye on your little ones, for the adults he has a killer bar area and plenty of room to relax. Everyone is encouraged to bring along some of their finest brews, we will have access to a cool room with 6 taps and also extra eski’s with picnic taps so everyone’s beers/kegs can get a pour on the day. Members are welcome to bring their partners and family’s along for the day and while this is a day of drinking and food everyone is always extremely well behaved and very respectable. The club will be providing lunch for everyone and just ask that everyone brings a side dish to accompany, we will also have water and soft drink available on the day. If you are interested in attending follow the link to register.
  • And we got a taste of the barrel beer. This seemed to divide opinions so I've put a poll in here to get opinions on some of the stuff I heard (Sorry it looks like arse). Don't forget that this will be on tap at Autumnfest

[yop_poll id="3"]


edit: updated atrocious spelling

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