April club meeting


Thanks to everyone who came down to the April club meeting. Good to see a few new faces and a couple of the old ones too. Thanks as well to DTC for hosting us.  These guys are very generous to us so show your appreciation buy keeping the place clean and sampling some of their great beers out the front.

Things of note

  • Authumnfest was on a few weeks ago. Thanks to Hilly for organising and to Knobsey for hosting. It was a great event with some great food and excellent beer.  Thanks to everyone who came down.
  • There are a number of members whose fees are now overdue. These were coloured on the sign in sheet on the night in a non-confrontational shade of yellow. If you were one of these members can you please make payment via bank deposit or PayPal.  I’ll ask Bryson to follow up with an email to those who are overdue
  • Chris brought in a number of hop rhizomes he salvaged from a defunct hop farm in Pemberton. I liked that they were unknown so were tagged Pride of Pemberton but they actually turned out to be Cluster, which was used by the Swan Brewery when they actually made beer in WA. Chris gave some instructions for looking after them which I can’t recall off the top of my head so hit him up on FB if you need further details.
  • Bryson brought down a sample of the off-cube and the good-cube of the RSA beer to taste and see what off flavours could be identified.  Apparently all the off flavours were strong and the beer was promptly tipped down the sink. Oh well – it was a good idea.
  • Tim asked for interest in a club work-shirt buy. Blue or Khaki in the same style as you’d see from time to time.  From memory the last time we purchased these were about $30 but the cost would obviously depend on numbers. A FB post will go up shortly to see if there is interest and we’ll work out minimum numbers.
  • Mick reminded us of the next club competition –Iron Brewer. This time with 20% rye as part of the mash. This will be held in June with the people’s choice on June 12 and BJCP the weekend after. Keep the date free and put your hand up for judging and stewarding. The next two club comps will be a 34/70 yeast comp – anything made with this yeast and we will round off the year with the mead, cider and sours comp.  Early talk suggests that the first comp next year will be a specialty beer comp so if you are keen on entering something that takes a long time it could be worth looking into that now.
  • Finally we had the winners of the IPA comp announced.  Big congratulations to the winners, and thanks the stewards and judges and to Mick for running the show and Allan for organising some glassware for the winners to take home.  It looked pretty fancy.  Could the winners send through the winning recipes to the committee so we can post on the club website
    • People’s Choice: Ginger Meggs Red IPA – Mike Doswell

    • BJCP 1st place: Crazy IPA – Ron Deval

    • BJCP 2nd place: Hutto’s Double – Paul Hutton

    • BJCP 3rd place: Somewhere in between – Mick Considine

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