2020 competitions

This years comps look to be cracking

March - ANZAC

1.1. Light Australian Lager [AABC]
2.1. Australian Lager [AABC]
2.2. Australian Premium Lager [AABC]
4.5. Australian Sparkling Ale [BJCP 12B]
6.1. Australian Bitter Ale [AABC]
7.4. Australian Dark/Old Ale [AABC]
X5. New Zealand Pilsner [BJCP provisional]

June - Iron Brewer

Details to be released in March

August - I see red

Red styles only and no fruit. Allowable styles to be confirmed

November - Sours, sours and sours

Allowable styles to be confirmed

AABC guidelines

BJCP Guidelines