2019 competitions

*WCB uses the 2015 BJCP style guidlines*

  • Session and Saison¬†- March
    • Session = <4%ABV, any style that fits *except sours* but including experimental 34C.
    • Saison 25B.
  • Iron Brewer - June
    • Mystery ingredient revealed March. (Spoiler - it was fruit)
  • Dark and strong - August
    • >20SRM, OG1.060.
      6C, 9A-C, 10C, 15C, 16s, 20s, 21B2/D, 23C, 26D, 34C.
  • Meads, ciders and 'wines - November
    • All the Ms, Cs, 17D, 22C, D.¬†