The 2016 WA State Amateur Brewers Competition (WASABC) started in 2007 by a group of dedicated amateur brewers and was handed over to the West Coast Brewers in 2014. WASABC was started to offer Western Australian brewers a chance to compete at National level, at the Australian Amateur Brewing Championship (AABC).Placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in most categories at WASABC 2016 qualifies entrant to submit any entry in the same category, at the 2016 Australian Amateur Brewing Competition (AABC), held in Adelaide, 13-15 October 2016 at the Charming Squire Brewhouse in South Bank, Brisbane.

WASABC offers you the platform to challenge your skills amongst the best brewers in the State, and get invaluable feedback from our BJCP certified judges. Whether you win or not, this feedback will help you to become a better brewer, raise the overall skill level in our State, and ultimately help developing Award winning brews.

The WASABC Organiser(s) are appointed by the West Coast brewers Committee, who then runs the Competition and works tirelessly to offer all WA amateur brewers the opportunity to showcase their pride and joy at State and National level, at the AABC, and show the country that Western Australians can brew fantastic beers!

WA is blessed with some of the best professional brewers in the country, nearly all of them started as home brewers, and we hope that WASABC contributes to nurture the next generation of professional craft brewers!