February Meeting, State Comp, Sessions and Saisons, and Autumnfest


Awesome to see so many new faces down at the Feb club meet. The room was full of laughter, new and familiar voices. We discussed al ot of things an here is a re-cap. Things to remember:

  • Autumnfest will be on April 13, same place, same time. For all the financial club members we will fill you in on the details at the March Club Meeting;
  • Committee meeting this coming March where we will decide the fate on the state comp details. If you would like to volunteer yourself
  • Sessions and Saisons comp. Tuesday March 12 for peoples choice at the March club meet, and Saturday March 16th for the BJCP.

If you would like to join in on the club comps, or come along to the club events, like our hugely popular Autumnfest with smoked meat and awesome home brewed German style lagers a plenty, speak to one of our committee members through our FB page our at our club meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month down at The Dutch Trading Company. Alternatively email the president@westcoastbrewers.com.

Financlial members, enter the March Sessions and Saisons comp here https://competition.westcoastbrewers.com/index.php?section=register&go=entrant.

See you all at the March Club Meet,


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