When : The second Tuesday of the Month @ 7:30pm
243 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park,  WA, 6100
Cost : $5 for light snacks and other costs.


The meetings begin with a short introduction from the President, then each committee member talks about their role and current Items they are working on. We will also ask for a show of hands of first timers, so we know where they’re at with their brewing and what they’re interested in, we will then begin the nights proceedings (Competition, Beer style of the months, etc.) This formal session lasts anywhere from a few minutes to 30 minutes , if there is a lot to discuss.

Proceedings for the night,

  • Beginners sessions
    - Guest speakers
    - Specific topics ( Yeast, Sanitisation, Fermentation, Dry Hopping)
  • Beer(style) of the Month
    - We compare a commercial and Homebrew of a chosen style the break down the process and how we can improve.
  • Competition Night  (4 per year)
    -All Members arrive with their entries labelled and ready for input into the Peoples choice and BJCP judging.
    -People Choice is judged by all people at the meeting and a winner(s) are announced at the next meeting. likewise with the BJCP (this is held on the weekend)
  • If nothing has been organised we’ll just get on with the serious business of tasting each other’s beers and generally having a social chat.

You’re more than welcome to come along — the first meeting or two is on us and after that you‘ll be begging for us to take your $70 for a year‘s membership!

We do ask that $5 be placed in the money container that is passed around as this helps pay for the snacks provided on the night. Since this is a pub you can order beers form the bar and minimal food.

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