2018 Club Competition Schedule

*WCB uses the 2015 BJCP style guidelines*

Online registration and entry instructions

Enter a Competition


Please use the assigned labels for all Comps

  1. Only WCB Members may enter club competitions.
  2. Online registration MUST be received by 5pm Monday before the comp meeting.
  3. WCB Members may receive a discounted entry fee for WCB competitions.
  4. One or two entries may be submitted per brewer, per competition, but only one (the highest scoring) is eligible for certificates and prizes.
  5. A brewer is not required to enter beer in BOTH the People’s Choice and BJCP portion of the competition.
  6. A minimum of 1.5L of beer must be entered for People’s Choice.
  7. The People’s Choice, or most popular entry, will receive a certificate and a prize.
  8. A minimum of 2 x bottles (ideally PET) of beer must be entered for the BJCP portion of the competition.
  9. The final 3 beers in the Best-of-Show round (if held) will receive place certificates. Otherwise, certificates will go to the three highest scoring beers.
  10. The annual Club Champion Brewer will receive two trophies: one to keep and one to hold for the year.
  11. To be eligible for Club Champion Brewer you must enter a minimum of three club competitions per calendar year.
  12. The Club Champion Brewer is based on the average of a brewer’s three highest scoring entries, in different competitions, per calendar year.
Old entry labels
Word - Competition-Bottle-Labels
PDF   - Competition-Bottle-Labels
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